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Did I remember to lock the front door?

Ever left the house and wondered if you left the lights on or forgot to lock the door? Security One can turn your home into a "Smart Home" by installing a home automation system. You can easily arm and disarm your alarm system, lock and unlock doors, turn on and off lights, set the thermostat and much more, all through a simple-to-use and secure mobile app.

Oh no, I forgot the house cleaner is coming today!

No need to run home to let your house cleaner in, just use your smartphone to disarm the alarm, unlock the door, turn on the lights, and check on them real-time through the video feed!

Did the kids get home on time?

Easy to check, just open the mobile app, view the video feed and make sure they're home safe and sound and doing their homework.

Miss your Hawaiian sunset when on the mainland?

Pull up a chair and flip open your laptop or smartphone. with Security One's web and mobile apps, you can view video feed from your backyard and watch the sun set on our beautiful Hawaiian beaches.

Own a business?

You can gain greater control over your company access and assets with a customized home automation system. Keep an eye on the business remotely via an installed video surveillance system or control and monitor building access with Smart Locks. With a smart home application, you can easily control thermostats and lights, allowing you to track and manage energy expenses.

Security One's experienced staff, supported by our industry-leading technology, will make your business environment safer, more secure, and efficient.

How do I find out more?

Make an appointment today for a free home or business assessment with Security One to find out more about home automation systems including remote alarm access; remote lights, locks, and thermostat control; and professional video surveillance installation.

smart home bulb
Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Tired of high energy bills? Install an Security One home automation system today! You'll be able to tightly manage lights, ceiling fans and air conditioning in your home. Security One's experienced technicians can help set up energy-saving programs designed to reduce energy consumption in your home or business.

smart home
Smart Control

Smart Home Automation Systems

Imagine being able to control alarm systems, door locks, video cameras, lights, thermostats, and more through a simple, easy-to-use panel or from a mobile app on your smartphone. With a home automation system, you can! Security One's experienced technicians can help set up a smart home solution to enhance your experience in your home.

smart light
Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Wouldn't it be nice to have the porch light on along with the entry hall lights when you get home after sunset? With Smart Lighting, you can easily control all the lights in your home or business, even remotely from your smartphone. Using motion sensors, lights can be set to turn on automatically when someone enters a room, and turn off after they leave. Imagine the cost savings by only using lights when you need them!

smart lock
Smart Locks

Smart Locks

No more keys! With a smart lock installed, everyone in the family can enter by typing their key-code at the door, or by using a smartphone to control the locks remotely. You can set Smart Control settings to text or email you whenever someone enters or exits your home!

When used with installed video surveillance at the front door, you'll easily be able to control access to your home.

smart thermo
Thermostat Control

Thermostat Control

Forgot to turn off the air conditioner when you left? No problem! Using your Smart Control mobile app on your smartphone, you can easily adjust the thermostat remotely, and have the system send you alerts when your home reaches a certain temperature.

Dramatically reduce the cost of home cooling by installing Security One's Smart Control system today.

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At Security One, we pride ourselves on our expert abilities to educate and advise clients about all available security and home automation system options.

An on-site assessment gives our security professionals an opportunity to ask questions about your security needs and offer valuable expertise and tips to educate you on security and smart home solutions. Solutions range from traditional burglar, fire, and video systems to comprehensive home automation solutions. Home automation solutions allow users to remotely arm and disarm their systems; access real time video; and manage locks, lights, and thermostats all with the push of a button. Together we will design an effective and affordable package to manage your home or business 24 hours a day without fail.

Security One has led the way in keeping Hawaiian island communities safer with sound security solutions as well as reliable and respected expertise. Call Security One now for a complimentary on-site security consultation and take one step closer towards peace of mind.